Artificial Intelligence

Automated software development using AI

The Artificial Intelligence technologies are poised to assist humans and make life easier. However, there is a tension that AI changes will bring loss of jobs for the sake of profit and optimization.

This also might affect software developers. Actually it’s one of the jobs than can be automated sooner or later.

Automated tools that develop other software existed for some time, take Unity app development or low-code platforms like Bubble or Mendix. IDE in general have a lot of automation features. Yet, more advanced tools like Devin AI and Microsoft AutoDev claim little human intervention is needed. Such tools will appear more in the future.

What do we do now?

Learn, improve, practice. AI tools are just what they are – tools which should be handled by humans.

Humans will supervise and guide tools.

Unfortunately, coding will not be required unless you want to be an experts.

Compare with Auto repair industry.

Cars used to be fixed by replacing parts bare, then in time replacing complex parts and nowadays replacing full blocks.

Or Smartphone batteries. Any person was able to replace a phone battery. Try to replace them for the latest smartphones…. you would have to go to a Service Desk.

The same is with AI, humans will not dig into code or specifics of the software. All these will be handled by AI engineers and human engineers will just make sure to validate the results, security, privacy, moral issues, etc.

In the end, AI is just a tool that learns from pre-existing knowledge.

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