Our services

Web applications development – our full-stack development team is able to build new web applications from start-to-finish or improve and maintain the current ones.

Data management – Transformations, analysis, transfer, storage of data using custom or standalone ETL/ELT. Storage of structured and unstructured data in cloud or on-premises.

E-commerce – creation and maintenance of online stores and marketplaces, integration with internal and external systems, configuration of online marketing channels.

Machine Learning and AI – development of intelligent solutions based on AI/ML technologies. We have a bit of experience with data segmentation, image recognition, time-series forecasting, tools like GPT-3.5, DALL-E and of course the ChatGPT.

Cloud infrastructure – Design and management of standalone cloud systems or hybrid ones on the AWS, Azure and Google clouds.

Consultations – assistance in finding the best fitted solutions for your next project or for improving the current one.

System audits – evaluation of your existing systems or those that are being delivered by a third-party.

Project management – we can handle all the project tasks, gather the team, create the scope of the project, schedule deliveries, work with the involved third-parties.

Team augmentation – when you need additional developers for the project we can work for you as part of your team.