Data management

We love data. It’s everywhere.
However, first you have to collect it, then filter, analyze and make something meaningful with it. Not an easy task, though.
Some companies discover they are sitting on huge amounts of data but lack the capacity to process and squeeze it for something useful.
We can help, given we have more than 15 years experience with RMDBS, ETL’s, and more recent NoSQL and BigData.
We will diligently approach the client’s problem, offer balanced solutions and strive for quality.

  • ETL pipelines – “extract, transform, load” systems are critical for businesses performance and if done right, it will serve for many years at low maintenance cost.
  • Data transfer – moving the data between different locations once or regularly can be daunting at times.
  • Data analysis – will help discover issues with the processes or uncover trends than can improve the business. We make use of modern ML techniques.
  • Data storage – we configure storage locations for structured or unstructured data. Backups and redundancy are required for any high-availability business activity.
  • Data collection – your data may come from mining your existing databases and logs, scrapping web pages, generating synthetic data.